After being a record producer for 20 long years, Mark Wiebe has decided to call it quits. However, his heart remains in the music industry, so he decided to help those who aspire to be a recording artist through thesearenotrecords.com. 

Mark has produced over a thousand songs and every single one of them became a hit. He just knows when a song or an artist has the potential to be part of the charts. Now, he produces value-added content that aspiring recording artists can follow for them to get one step closer to their dreams. Together with his team, thesearenotrecords.com will let you know what it takes to be the next big thing as a recording artist. Expect the industry’s secrets, how to build your brand, how to survive the harsh realities of the showbusiness. This is the only website that you will ever need, and you are in good hands.       

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