Month: June 2019


Top 7 Tips for Better Audio Recording

Audio recording is often an afterthought for videographers, but it’s just as important to your finished product as the recorded video. Good audio recording takes some effort, but it’s well worth it. Keep these tips in mind for audio recording that is easy to hear and a pleasure to listen to.

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Use a High-Quality Microphone
The microphones that are built into camcorders are usually low quality. They don’t always pick up sound well, and sometimes you end up hearing the sound of the camcorder operating.

If possible, use an external microphone whenever you shoot videos. A lavalier, or lapel mic, like the type newscasters use, is unobtrusive and especially helpful when you want to hear someone’s voice clearly.

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Monitor the Sound
If you can plug headphones into your camera, do it. They’ll allow you to hear exactly what the camera hears, so you’ll know …

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