When you realize you and the world might be in a nightmare, who do you decide to trust? Maybe it’s best to cozy up to whoever seems to be in charge. Maybe it’s better to go right after the scariest dudes you can find and get whatever it might be over with.

These Rivener guys announce themselves on “Noiren” from the first drum fill! Assertive and somewhat alarming! Like Krzysztof Komeda (Or Goblin!!) We’ve peeked around a corner we shouldn’t have, but we have to stay and play it off lest we be caught and eaten up gleefully. So we look on, hiding trepidation, but feeling great growing interest. And when they finally show the monsters, they have friendly faces and a wild look in their eyes, and so we go running—invited– with giants (!) listening to wild, deep reverb-y bends before hitting the strand and then we dive deep, deep underwater and pause to listen to the abstracted patterns of sounds which must be happening somewhere overhead.

At other times, we find ourselves plinkity-plink climbing up slippery rocks (maybe from the fathoms of “Noiren”), a slow insistent roll of drums pushing us from behind, and assuring us the jagged edges all around are for the climbing and not there to harm for a fall. But lo! At the peak, and maybe we had an old BMX bike all along, and the spokes are loaded with fresh Topps baseball cards for a 3-mile switchback down, screaming and clicking!

When we hit bottom it seems we’ve got the whole kitchen set: pots, pans, spoons, glasses and we are yelling in the backyard banging them all. At this point the Giants come back to collect us. Maybe they’ve had a few funny cigarettes. It feels like we’re trying to remember Black Sabbath from that one time back in the…. But forget it! Let’s jump back in the water, dude.

On songs like “Xool,” we can imaging what it must be like to be contemporary to the parts inside the watch and what they say to each other when they need to be wound again! Sometimes, like on “Discoveries of Fire (Saints, preserve us),” these guys play with our desire to hear more–giving the effect that they are playing something amazing far away. We wish we could just get closer! Even as the song builds with compelling feedback, we get the sense that we’ve only gotten outer compelling echoes of something desirable and impenetrable.

As the album closes out with “Tsardana,” I imagine a cosmic rebuff to the those cheatin’ Stones, no doubt destined to live eternity in worse places than this.

“I hear you man, but when I see the ineffable, I want to paint it even more black. And P.S. Micky, we’re gonna make it a hootenanny, so try breathing through your nose for a while, and maybe relax. Our Connecticut mammas can totally tell when their babies are standing in the shadows.”

Gonna be a great time ahead as long as these guys can play this kind of music, kill nightmares and get all the monsters and posers.

-Steubs / Springs, NY

A co-release with the fine folks at Twin Lakes Records.

Released in an edition of 250 copies with a full digital download.

A1 / Noiren
A2 / It Takes A Pillage
A3 / Rainbow Turned To Stone
B1 / Xool
B2 / Discoveries Of Fire (Saints, preserve us)
B3 / Tsardana

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