After excellent releases on Robert & Leopold and Great Pop Supplement offshoot Deep Distance, as well as his own Ethereal Mother Tapes, Patrick R. Pärk aka: Kösmonaut serves up another LP of his sci-fi visions. Future Machines is a great paean to the Berlin School era and progressive electronic masters of the 70’s and 80’s like Froese, Schnitzler and Pinhas. Throughout the record’s seven tracks, Pärk doesn’t spend too much time on any particular sonic motif. Pulsing, hissing synths quickly bubble to the surface and recede just as quickly. Each piece is in constant motion, weaving and turning, as it thrusts forward towards it’s next cosmic terminus. And, just when you think you might get a rest, Pärk jerks the controls once more, and rockets off in a new direction. We just need to let go, and allow his interstellar yearnings to turn our brains into a fine cosmic dust.

Fans of Heldon’s Third, Conrad Schnitzler’s Ballet Statique, Edgar Froese’s Aqua or modern practitioners of proggy synth like Umberto, Black Unicorn, Jonas Reinhardt, M Geddes Gengras, etc., will find much to enjoy here.

250 copies in screen-printed fold-over sleeves with insert. 100 copies on “blood red” transparent vinyl. Comes with a full digital download, and features six download-only bonus tracks.

A1 / City Deterioration
A2 / Prime Meridian
A3 / Haus Maschine
B1 / Wings Of The Sun
B2 / First Ashes
B3 / Ancient Quest
B4 / Future Machines

Download Bonus Tracks:
D1 / Machines Of The Past
D2 / Machines Of The Present
D3 / Gelbe Maschine
D4 / Röte Machine
D5 / Womb Machine
D6 / Untitled

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