Hello. It’s been a while. Things were slow there for a bit but, we’re back with a new website and a new release. The Brainworlds / Plosive split 12″ is available now! We experienced a few hurdles getting this website up and that delayed things with the split. But let’s put all those bad vibes behind us and, concentrate on the good things. We’re excited for this release, which features the righteous pairing of Georgia’s Brainworlds and Connecticut’s Plosive. A mix of drone, kosmiche and experimental influences can be heard throughout this record. Both of these guys make some brilliant and routinely transcendent music. Check it out:

This website has been sitting around since 2009 and we finally got around to making it a reality. We’re hoping this blog gets some more action than the last one. The plan is to post semi-regularly about label happenings, band happenings, things we like, etc. Anything we want really. It’s a little fuzzy around the edges, we’re still working it out. Talk soon.