We don’t release albums as often as we’d like, but when we do, we’re proud as shit. Please feel free to grip the newest offering (and first official vinyl release) from New Haven, CTs Rivener. Drummer Michael Kiefer and guitarist Paul Belbusti conjure up a potent mix of free jazz, psych, and noise that will scrape your cranial cavity raw. Over the course of this album’s six tracks, Rivener creates moments of beauty that intertwine with moments of terror. As the band explains: “All our songs are composed on-the-fly — lysergic, shape-shifting explorations of no wave, noise, free jazz, and psych, with some elements rooted loosely in the rock tradition; ineffable expressions of the human spirit.”

An early, stellar review from The Vinyl District also gives some in-depth analysis. They called it “consistently intuitive…a highly communicative and wholly satisfying eponymous effort…a combination of noise-imbued psych and out-jazz-flavored no wave…a fresh chapter to the free-rock book.” Read the full review here.

A joint release with our buds at Twin Lakes Records. 250 copies on black vinyl w/download code. Head over to the release page or to the Rivener bandcamp for the digital goods. For your listening pleasure, experience the burned-out vibe of “Noiren” below or over on our Soundcloud.