Popol Vuh 2

New Year News

Hello and Happy New Year! For our inaugural post of 2014 we’re sharing with you an abundance of news. So, here we go…

UK or European customers looking to purchase Kösmonaut’s Future Machines can find copies at Norman Records in the UK. Those in the Chicago area can pick up Future Machines at the excellent Permanent Records. Also, Mr. Pärk himself is selling copies off his bandcamp. More options are on the horizon, so check back if the aforementioned avenues don’t blow your skirt up.

Jet-Set Records in Tokyo is now carrying Kösmonaut’s Future Machines along with Landing’s Wave Lair and Food Pyramid’s Creation Beat 12″.

Aaaron Snow from Landing named Kösmonaut’s Future Machines as one of his fav LPs of 2013 (along with our Food Pyramid 12″) over on the Geographic-North blog. Very honored for sure!

Speaking of Landing, this is a good time for an Oceanless update. Although news concerning this release has been scarce, rest assured, we’re working hard on making this record happen. There should be some bonus tracks and other goodies included with this release. I’m hoping to have this out by the summer. Things always take longer than you expect. Thanks to those who are reading this, more to come!