Landing / Wave Lair EP Now Shipping


Wave Lair is here and available for purchase. It’s always a proud day for us whenever a record is finally released. Lots of hard work goes into making one of these, so it’s nice to sit back and give ourselves a hippie-ish round of applause. As big fans of Landing, we’re especially proud of Wave Lair and all it’s delay-soaked contents. You can still stream the entire EP for the rest of the week either below or our Soundcloud. The pink vinyl is already dwindling away…

Stream Landing’s new EP, Wave Lair

In anticipation of it’s upcoming release, we’re streaming the entirety of Landing’s Wave Lair EP. Not sure how long this will be up. Records are on their way. Stream it below or check it out on our Soundcloud page. Enjoy!

Update: You can now stream or download the Wave Lair EP at Landing’s bandcamp page. It costs a mere $5 and also includes the free bonus track “Cove”, recorded during the sessions for Wave Lair.

The Approaching Of The Disco Void