Modey Lemon 7″ on 7 Inches

Jason Dean and his terrific 7 Inches blog posted a great review of the Wandering Eye 7″. We’re always excited when people recognize the effort that goes into the little details. Check it out here!

TANR Releases now at Redscroll Records

If you reside in the tri-state area, you should be pleased to know that Redscroll Records in Wallingford, CT is now carrying the following TANR releases (in limited numbers):

Kevin Devine – She Stayed As Steam
Modey Lemon – Wandering Eye
Brian Bonz – From Sumi To Japan
Elf Power – Venus & Mercury
Oneida – Heads Ain’t Ready

Keep record stores alive and pay ’em a visit!

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Modey Lemon 7″ on Speed Of The Pittsburgh Sound

Another splendid review of the Wandering Eye 7″ courtesy of the Speed Of The Pittsburgh Sound blog. But don’t just take my word for it, check it our for yourself right here.

Modey Lemon 7″ on Still Single

The excellent Still Single blog, run by Doug Mosurock, gave a lovely review of our Wandering Eye 7″ on their July 11th update. Check it out!