See With Your Eyes Not With Your Hands

The Demander test pressings arrived. They sound good and have been approved. We should have the final records in a few weeks. Cool…

The Record Fairy

It’s time again for the essential WFMU Record Fair! I look forward to this weekend every year. Where else can you rub elbows with hipsters, punk rock girls and super nerds all searching for their “holy grail”. I know many collectors prefer the anonymity of Ebay but this is one record fair worth heading to the surface for. The only drawback to this event is the lovely whopper-like stench that takes the room by late Saturday afternoon. Maybe they’ll have that Robert Wyatt record I’m looking for….

By the way, if you aren’t already aware, you should check out LP Cover Lover. A great collection of obscure and bizarre record covers from the golden age of vinyl. And, they have a table at this year’s record fair.