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Tinniens – Dub Guns

Aaron Snow and Daron Gardner of Landing have a new project called Tinniens, and they’ve just released their debut cassette on Geographic-North called Dub Guns. Self-described as “loop based drone beat,” Dub Guns is comprised of countless layers of intertwining synths, guitars, beats and the occasional vocals. Obviously, there are similarities to some of Landing’s recent excursions, but this stuff goes somewhere completely different. Serious jams made by guys who are in it for the long haul. I’ve already listened to this thing a shitload of times. Fantastic stuff, and a free download for those who don’t do cassettes. And, as usual with Geographic-North, the presentation is top notch.


And check out this video of their first performance at Willmantic Records in CT:

Praise for Future Machines

Kind words have come in for Kösmonaut’s Future Machines. This comes as no surprise to us since we’ve always known how good this record was, but we’re more than happy to share with you the discerning words of others. Check out the snippets below, and follow the links to read each complete review:

Tiny Mix Tapes / Cerberus:
“It’s dangerous to start off a calendar year with a record like Future Machines because I’m not sure if it can possibly get better from here on out. Kösmonaut, their moniker teasing a kraut/prog sensibility, surge so far beyond the borders of that ridiculous genre it’s sick, approaching space from the opposite end of equally inventive bands like Kraus. Or maybe Mudboy commandeered the Star Trek Enterprise and set his phasers to ‘arpeggiate’ ”

Norman Records:
“For those unfamiliar with his outer-space bliss outs, Kosmonaut’s recordings tend to be split between gaping deep space drone marathons and more restless cosmic tomfoolery. I tend to prefer the latter, so I’m having a field day with this one, a robotically unfolding melange of looped synths, 16-bit explosions, robotic modular bleeps and fluttering bottom end.”

” Right from the off you are transported to stranger realms, the pulsing sequences of “City Deterioration” blended with harsher sounds, the music constantly shifting, glancing off itself at unexpected angles meaning you are never sure where you are headed. On “Prime Meridian” the music becomes fully immersed in Tangerine Dream Mode circa 1973, the drifting soundscape and ghostly sequences dancing through your brain like a dream you are yet to experience, the trippy mood suddenly getting darker as the low drone of “Haus Machine” enter the room, an electronic heartbeat leading the piece until over-excited sequences take over, each craving your attention as they crawl all over each other.”

Tru Luv:
“For an artist unashamedly rocking the umlaut, it is of no surprise to find a significant germanic influence at play. Like much of the album, ‘Haus Maschine’ is a consummate wonderland of Berlin-esque heavy arpeggiated analogue polyrhythms, occasionally interrupted by searing saw waves which will happily rip your face off should you so oblige.”

Popol Vuh 2

New Year News

Hello and Happy New Year! For our inaugural post of 2014 we’re sharing with you an abundance of news. So, here we go…

UK or European customers looking to purchase Kösmonaut’s Future Machines can find copies at Norman Records in the UK. Those in the Chicago area can pick up Future Machines at the excellent Permanent Records. Also, Mr. Pärk himself is selling copies off his bandcamp. More options are on the horizon, so check back if the aforementioned avenues don’t blow your skirt up.

Jet-Set Records in Tokyo is now carrying Kösmonaut’s Future Machines along with Landing’s Wave Lair and Food Pyramid’s Creation Beat 12″.

Aaaron Snow from Landing named Kösmonaut’s Future Machines as one of his fav LPs of 2013 (along with our Food Pyramid 12″) over on the Geographic-North blog. Very honored for sure!

Speaking of Landing, this is a good time for an Oceanless update. Although news concerning this release has been scarce, rest assured, we’re working hard on making this record happen. There should be some bonus tracks and other goodies included with this release. I’m hoping to have this out by the summer. Things always take longer than you expect. Thanks to those who are reading this, more to come!

Future Machines featured on Decoder Magazine


Bobby Power over at the excellent Decoder Maagazine wrote some kind words about Kösomoanut’s Future Machines LP on their blog. Check out the post and poke around the site. Lots to peruse…

Read it here >

No Birds

Kösmonaut / Future Machines – Out Soon!


After excellent releases on Robert & Leopold and Great Pop Supplement offshoot Deep Distance, as well as his own Ethereal Mother Tapes, Patrick R. Pärk aka: Kösmonaut serves up another LP of his sci-fi visions. Future Machines brings to mind the jagged, abstract electronics of early masters like Froese, Pinhas and Schnitzler. Throughout the record’s seven tracks, Pärk doesn’t spend too much time on any particular sonic motif. Each track is in constant motion, weaving and turning, as it thrusts forward towards the next cosmic terminus. And, just when you think you might get a rest, Pärk jerks the wheel once more, and rockets off in a new direction. We just need to let go, and allow his interstellar yearnings to turn our brains into a fine cosmic dust.

250 copies in screen-printed fold-over sleeves. 100 copies will be available on “blood red” transparent vinyl. Comes with a full digital download, and features several download-only bonus tracks. This is currently in production and should be out sometime in late October / early November. In the meantime, check out title track “Future Machines” below or through our Soundcloud.